"People feel better in Colt conditions"

Gravity Ventilation - Industrial Ventilation for Aluminium Smelters

Welcome to the Colt Smelter Division

Colt Smelters is a Division of the Colt Group, one of Europe’s leading independent providers of Gravity Ventilation systems and products for the Primary Aluminium Smelting Industry. Founded in 1931, Colt has been providing healthy, comfortable and safe working conditions in industrial buildings for more than 80 years.

Colt offers a range of products and services across a wide spectrum of specialties for the aluminium industry, including gravity roof ventilators, air intake louvers, fiber reinforced plastic claustra walls and pot covers.
This puts Colt in the unique position of being able to offer customers an integrated approach to create the ideal internal climate in pot rooms. This opens up the exciting possibility that people can work in a healthy and clean environment.

Colt provides a complete package of scheme design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

The demand for aluminium is growing. This can be achieved by building Greenfield smelters, upgrading existing smelters or modification. Whatever the choice, in every circumstances there will be a need for ventilation in order to guarantee a good indoor climate for the people who are working in the primary aluminium industry.

Depending on the requirements of the project, Colt uses aluminium of all kinds of grades as a primary component within its product. Every year Colt’s factories, which are located in Europe, Russia, the USA and China, are processing 6,000 tons of such raw material into Colt products.